Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve

Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve Light Hair Lavender Rosemary Dry Shampoo


Restore natural beauty, bounce and body to hair between shampoos, with Chagrin Valley's natural dry shampoo.

Lavender and rosemary essential oils not only smell fresh and clean, but are great hair care oils.


  • Organic Arrowroot Powder

  • Organic Cornstarch

  • Organic Tapioca Flour

  • Kaolin Clay

  • Organic Burdock Root

  • Organic Plantain

  • Organic Lavender Essential Oil

  • Organic Rosemary Essential Oil

More Information:

  • Absorbs excess oils, leaving the hair looking freshly washed

  • Adds volume and texture so hair looks fabulous between shampoos

  • Good for all hair types

  • Lavender essential oil: helps balance natural oils and soothes scalp 

  • Rosemary essential oil: helps balance natural oils, refreshes scalp and promotes hair growth 

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